Apr 282015

Wirtschaftsministerin Lemke interessiert an IPS Cable Simulation_Quelle SchmalfeldtTechnological innovation is very important for economy in Rhineland-Palatinate and has top priority in this German federal state. Moreover, in times of global warming and expected shortages of resources, climate protection and sustainability are very important issues.

Therefore Rhineland-Palatinate’s Ministry for Economy, Climate Protection, Energy and Regional Planning supports young innovative companies and modern technologies, which improve the region’s status Wirtschaftsministerin Lemke besucht fleXstructures GmbH auf Hannover Messe 2015_Quelle Schmalfeldtas business location and also contribute to protecting the environment and conserving resources.

In this context the Minister for economic affairs of Rhineland-Palatinate, Eveline Lemke, announced her visit at our booth at Hanover Fair to learn more about our young and innovative company from Rhineland-Palatinate. During her visit she was very interested in our software tools and inspired by the possibilities of modern simulation technologies.

Special thanks to Minister Eveline Lemke for her visit and her interest in our work.

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