IPS Cable Simulation User Conference



The 3rd IPS Cable Simulation User Conference will take place on June 13th and 14th, 2017 in a very special event location: the Technik Museum in Speyer, Germany.

Conference program

Brief summary of the Conference programm:

  • Integration of flexible parts simulation into the automotive development process (BMW)
  • Validation of mechanical input-parameters of hoses (OPEL)
  • IPS Robotics, Johan Carlson (FCC)
  • Introduction to MeSOMICS – Measurement System for the Optically Monitored Identification of Cable Stiffness (Fraunhofer ITWM)
  • Compliant part analysis: Global collaboration and data management (OPEL)
  • Analyzing and optimizing the mounting of hydraulic hoses (Komatsu)
  • Measuring and simulation of pressurized hoses, Fredrik Karlsson (SPECMA)
  • Optimization of the motion of a WAS-cable in an axle (John Deere)
  • Dynamic simulation and verification at Volvo Car R&D group (Volvo Cars)
  • IPS Cable Simulation roadmap (fleXstructures)
  • Demonstration of IPS Cable Simulation 3.3
  • Integration of cable dynamics and fatigue analysis into IPS Cable Simulation (Fraunhofer ITWM)
  • Dynamic simulation of high voltage cable connections with multiple mechanical excitations – results and challenges within the development process of electrified vehicles (BMW)
  • Improving humans’ work thanks to smart IPS software and practical TechViz VR technology (TechViz)
  • Implementation of IPS-IMMA at Volvo Cars (Volvo Cars)
  • The Fraunhofer strategic research project EMMA-CC – ergo-dynamic human modelling (Fraunhofer ITWM)
  • Ergonomic evaluation of cable assembly in IPS (SCANIA)
  • Design of experiments for simulation with IPS in automotive engineering (Volkswagen)
  • Piecewise linear elastic behavior of bowden cables (Fraunhofer ITWM)
  • Lua-Script supported cable routing between movable parts with IPS Cable (Delphi)
  • The IPS Cable Simulation innovation framework – related products and technologies (FCC, Fraunhofer ITWM)


The museum shows exhibits representing important milestones in automotive history as well as great achievements in aeronautics. This is the perfect setting for a come-together of IPS users and experts from all over the world and from various industrial domains.

speyer-museum_oldtimer   speyer-museum_raumfahrt

speyer-museum_u-boot   speyer-museum_flugzeug

Learn more about the event location: Technik Museum Speyer

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Image source: Technik Museum Speyer