About us


BIC KaiserslauternfleXstructures GmbH is an emergent company which has the worldwide rights for marketing and distribution of IPS Cable Simulation, the most extensive and high-capacity software for cable simulation in real time. The young enterprise operates in close cooperation with its parent company, the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics ITWM in Kaiserslautern. They collaborate in common research projects in the field of cable and wire simulation.

In a world of ever growing electrification and – especially in the automotive industry – an ever growing number of derivatives and equipment variations, the number of constructed flexible structures, like cables and hoses, will also grow. This is why the demand for possibilities of efficient engineering design will rise as well. Simulation technologies present such a possibility.

This background is where the fleXstructures company positions itself as a service provider, advisor and contractor. Offering a combination of particularly exact solutions and real time simulation, fleXstructures stands out in this field.