May 262015

wire simulation in 3D_© techvizLaval Virtual 2015 took place from 8th to 12th April in Laval in Northwestern France. The fair focused on virtual reality and its various possibilities of application. Together with TechViz we presented the 3D visualization of IPS Cable Simulation to an international public. It was the second common trade fair appearance with our French cooperation partner TechViz.

This fair revealed the potential of IPS Cable Simulation especially beyond the automotive industry. Visitors from many different branches, for example the aerospace industry, were highly interested in the precise wire simulation with IPS Cable Simulation in a VR environment.

Laval Virtual proved once again that virtual reality is the future. The aim is a precise representation of real objects in 3D with the possibility of direct user interaction. The combination of our correct and fast simulation with the TechViz visualization technology contributes to this future becoming reality.

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