Juil 272017

We are very proud of having been awarded with the Robotics Award 2017 for our solution IPS Robot Optimization at this year’s Hanover Fair.

The German professional journal “Industrieanzeiger” (15.17) has published an article about our work which you can download here:

Industrieanzeiger 15.17: “Simulieren geht über Probieren”

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Juil 202017

We have been present at this year’s Daimler EDM CAE Forum in Stuttgart, Germany. We presented our software at our exhibition booth and Oliver Hermanns gave a talk about IPS Cable Simulation, IPS Virtual Paint – Sealing and IPS Robot Optimization.

The event was well attended and many participants seized the occasion to network and to learn about new technologies for product development.

For further Information please visit the official event Website.

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Juin 142017

We are proud to look back to a successful third IPS Cable Simulation User Conference 2017.

This year, the conference took place in the Technik Museum in Speyer. We would like to thank all participants, especially the speakers, who made the event a success with their high-level presentations.

We are already looking forward to the next conference in summer 2018 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

For a more detailed event report, please click HERE.

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Déc 192016

The German magazine Konstruktion has featured an article about the application of simulation technologies in DMU processes of flexible components (Konstruktion 9-2016, p. 70-74).

Three OEMs have been interviewed for the surveyand IPS Cable Simulation is the only tool applied in all of their companies. They emphasize the capability of real time simulation resulting in a considerably reduced calculation time and an increased joy at work, which makes IPS Cable Simulation stand out next to competing technologies (see p. 72).

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Déc 122016

IPS Technical Seminar Shanghai

Our Chinese sales partner PAN-i has organized the IPS Cable Simulation Technical Seminar which took place on 3rd and 4th November in Shanghai. More than 80 representatives from important Asian automotive companies, suppliers and from other technological branches have come to the seminar to learn more about IPS Cable Simulation. Experts from PAN-i and fleXstructures gave an introduction to the software. Additionally, on the second day of the seminar a training course was held where the participants had the opportunity to get to know the application of the software.

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img_5403 dav


Oct 272016


Our Japanese sales partner SCSK has organized the IPS Cable Simulation User Event which took place on 27th October in Tokyo. The numerous participants were either users of IPS Cable Simulation who seized the opportunity for networking and learning more about new features, or they were no users yet and wanted to get to know the software better.

In various presentations held by the IPS-team and also by other users the participants learned more about the technological background of the software, and got an insight into use cases of other appliers. Additionally, it was also possible to try the 3D visualization of IPS Cable Simulation.

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Août 312016

Together with our partners Fraunhofer ITWM, Fraunhofer-Chalmers Centre and IPS AB we are launching a new research project on September 1, 2016. The focus will be on the digital validation of assembly and disassembly processes with flexible wires and hoses. The project duration is three years.


The project is carried out within the framework of Eurostars, which belongs to the political initiative EUREKA for European cross-border cooperation in technological research.

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Juil 212016

Simulation-Kabelbewegungen-Medizintechnik (Quelle OTH Amberg-Weiden)The medical technology sector presents a new complex application field for IPS Cable Simulation.

In surgery and examination rooms, various kinds of electronical equipment are used. These tools have to be positioned next to the resting patient while being flexible and moveable. Therefore, a great amount of data lines, cooling hoses and energy supply lines have to move along without suffering damages.

Until today the laying of these lines and hoses was mostly carried through on an experimental basis, which led to an increased wear rate, long developing times and high costs. This is why the University of Applied Sciences Amberg-Weiden has been looking for a simulation-based solution for flexible systems. Finally, by applying IPS Cable Simulation, the laying of the hoses has been optimized successfully.

OTH Amberg-WeidenProf. Dr. Franz Magerl (OTH Amberg-Weiden) has published an article about this subject in the medical professional journal DeviceMed, which you can read here:

“Simulieren geht über Probieren” in DeviceMed, June 2016. (German PDF)

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Juin 162016

We proudly look back to a very successful IPS Cable Simulation User Conference in Gothenburg, Sweden. We want to express our thanks to all the participants and especially to the speakers. Their excellent presentations have contributed to a great extend to the success of the event.

ParticipantsWe are already looking forward to the 3rd IPS Cable Simulation User Conference taking place in Germany in summer 2017.

For further information about the event, click here

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