Presentation of the complete IPS product range at the Hanover Fair 2016 for the first time: IPS Cable Simulation, IPS Path Planner, IPS Robot Optimization, IPS Virtual Paint-Spray and IPS Virtual Paint-Sealing.


2nd IPS Cable Simulation User Conference in Gothenburg: After the very successful event of 2015, our Swedish partners FCC and IPS AB have organized the second conference in June 2016.



IPS Cable Simulation User Event (Tokyo) and IPS Cable Simulation Seminar (Shanghai):

Both our sales partners in Japan (SCSK) and China (PAN-i) have hosted major events for IPS users and people interested in the software.




IPS in China: start of the cooperation with our sales partner PAN-i.


1st IPS Cable Simulation User Conference in Deidesheim: For the first time, users and interested persons from all over the world have come together for a fruitful exchange with IPS experts and other users from various domains.





First presentation of IPS Virtual Paint-Spray at the Hanover Fair 2014.


IPS in Korea: start of the cooperations with our Korean sales partners Empias and PLG.

IPS Cable Simulation in 3D: Because of our cooperation with the French expert for stereovisualization TechViz, we can now present IPS Cable Simulation in 3D.




IPS in Japan: start of the cooperation with our sales partner SCSK. In October, the latter has organized an IPS Cable Simulation Technical Seminar with 50 participants from Japan’s automotive industry.


In May 2012, the company fleXstructures was founded as a spin-off company of the ITWM in order to distribute the new software IPS Cable Simulation.



The extensive software package IPS Cable Simulation was published in 2009 as a result of the cooperation of FCC and ITWM.


Cooperation of FCC and Fraunhofer ITWM: There was a need to add flexible wire models to the automatic path planning of IPS, because the service pipes, which were carried along with the robots’ motions, often wore out early. This is why in 2004 FCC started cooperating with Fraunhofer ITWM and new algorithms were integrated into the IPS software environment.


Before 2004

Sealing_robot_with_flexible_Cables_fleXstructuresDevelopment of the software Industrial Path Solutions (IPS): In the context of projects in the field of robotics and factory automation, Fraunhofer Chalmers Centre (FCC) in Gothenburg has developed algorithms for automatic path and assembly planning. This technology is included in the software Industrial Path Solutions (IPS).