Digital mock-up


In the phase of Digital Mock-Up (DMU), a product validation is carried out to ensure the durability of flexible components, especially for moving parts, which often wear out early. The objective is to minimize loads during running operations and to reduce the number of prototype tests, which are expensive in terms of time and money.

By applying IPS Cable Simulation, risk factors such as tensions, a small bending radius and points of collision can be identified. Additionally, various parameters such as material properties and cable lengths can be optimized interactively in real time. IPS Cable Simulation does not use time-consuming finite element methods. Instead, a physically correct beam model is used. As a consequence, the computing time is considerably reduced while the maximum accuracy is achieved.

LogoIPSCableSimulation_transparent Advantages of IPS Cable Simulation:

  • Physically correct simulation in real time
  • Design validation regarding bending radius, torsion, forces, tension etc.
  • Various analysis features (normal stress, shear stress etc.)
  • Tolerance analysis
  • Contact handling (wire to wire, wire to geometry, self-contact)
  • Swept volumes for flexible and rigid bodies