First steps


definition of material parametersDefine the wire

The scene geometry can be imported from any CAD system, as a VRML- or JT-file.  Before creating a wire, the material parameters need to be defined manually or loaded from a database. There are three possibilities of defining a wire: Creating an initial cable instantly, using the Automatic Routing feature or providing a pre-deformed shape by inserting a curve.



connection of CAD-objectsConnect the wire

The locations for fastening cable clips and clip connections need to be defined. After that the cable can be connected with any object and/or other cables.




colour codingThe stress and strain in the wire are visualized by color coding, and it is possible to set up and monitor critical distance and value measurements.





analysis of stressAnalyze motions

The object motions can be imported from XMO or EngMo. They provide a basis for the analysis of the wire’s motions with respect to the critical measurements.  An envelope of the motion can also be created.