Impressions: IPS Cable Simulation User Conference 2016



Participants2We proudly look back to a very successful IPS Cable Simulation User Conference. More than 80 participants from all over the world have come to Gothenburg in Sweden. The event offered the perfect framework for networking, sharing experiences with other users and discussing with the research and development team of IPS Cable Simulation.

We want to express our thanks to all the participants and especially to the speakers. Their excellent presentations have contributed to a great extend to the success of the event.

K_Dressler_ITWMHere are some selected quotes from participants expressing their thoughts about the conference and IPS usage in general:

Our relationship with IPS and FCC has been a very innovative, collaborative relationship. It has been very back and forth, we’ll throw something at you, you come up with an idea, give it back to us and the timing is just unbelievable… You guys have been very responsive. It is this type of relationship that nurtures innovation.”

 f_karlsson_specma“If it moves, it’s a candidate! [for IPS simulation]”

(Experienced IPS User and Mechanical CAD Engineer)

 “The best thing with the conference has been to connect with the IPS crew and get the latest findings”

(Anton Berce,  China-Europe Vehicle Technology CEVT)

“I think the user conference has been really good. For our part we have taken a lot of Demo_TechVizinspiration from the presentations, particularly Volvo PV. It is always interesting to see how IPS is used and to see the different software products.”

(Susanne Boderos, National Electric Vehicle Sweden NEVS)

“The LUA-scripting functionality was an aha moment and seems incredibly useful!”

(Peter Henriksson, Volvo Cars)

mingle“The examples of connections with IPS and Catia were particularly interesting”

(Gonta Tanaka, HONDA)