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Logo_IPS_CableSimulationIPS Cable Simulation is the worldwide leading technology for the simulation of wires, wiring harnesses and hoses. Its accuracy is unique due to algorithms developed in Fraunhofer research considering physically correct material properties and gravity. In addition to realistic simulation, the program provides visualization in real time, which enables interactive working.

The software is very successful in benchmarking and it already is integrated into the product process of leading automotive companies.

Process optimization with IPS Cable Simulation:

Engine with connecting wires and hoses

Engine with connecting wires and hoses

  • IPS Cable Simulation – one tool for complete product processes from design concept to prototype
  • reduction of cost and time due to less prototyping and iterations
  • quality improvement and quality assurance
  • interdisciplinary cooperation between different divisions of a company with IPS Cable Simulation as a common fast decision platform
Piping of cooling hoses with clips

Piping of cooling hoses with clips

Key features and benefits:

  • automatic cable routing
  • clip database, kinematical clips, customized clips
  • detection and visualization of contacts, collisions, stresses and strains
  • design validation regarding bending radius, torsion, forces, tension etc.
  • optimization of motions
  • tolerance analysis
  • analyses of constructed spaces
  • generating envelopes
  • tests of incorrect fittings



IPS Cable Simulation: Product Presentation


IPS Cable Simulation: Flyer