Intelligently Moving Manikin in Assembly

In modern industries, the number of manual work tasks is still high, leading to an increasing demand to include humans in simulation processes to reduce physical prototypes and get validated results at an early stage of the product development process.

Features and capabilities:

  • Physic based biomechanical model (always in balance)
  • 82 bone segments connected with joints, in total 162 degrees of freedom
  • Anthropometric differences in population are considered by creating a group of representatives
  • Ensures collision free assembly motions
  • Performs reachability-, visibility-, and mountability analysis
  • Automatic ergonomic evaluation of the motions
  • Auto adapts motion strategy depending on the tasks

    Digital human modeling considering flexible components


  • Easy creation and validation of assembly motions
  • Fast motion and posture computation
  • Consideration of flexible components (e.g. wires and hoses)

Fast simulation setup:

  • Easy handling due to simple instruction language
  • No expert knowledge needed
  • Easy setup without joint-by-joint definition

Values and savings:

  • Time savings due to faster production cycle and less prototyping
  • Quality assurance due to early influences in the production process and possibility of modification