IPS Virtual Paint – Spray

Groundbreaking Software Technology for Spray Painting Simulation


Logo_IPS-VirtualPaint-Spray_IPS Virtual Paint is an innovative software system for spray painting simulation. The simultaneous calculation of air flow, particle motions and electrostatic field in only one solver leads to a great reduction of computing time.

For the first time, a simulation is possible in only a few hours instead of several weeks. Here standard computers may be used for running the calculations.


  • Realistic simulation of spray painting including all relevant physics
  • Seamless integration of multi-physics solver
  • Extremely robust, accurate and fast algorithms with immediate visualization
  • Simulation of interior painting as well as complex processes combining several robots and their movements


  • Speed (full car simulation over night)
  • Cost savings due to minimized calculation time and reduced prototype testing
  • Savings of energy, emissions and paint material
  • Requires no expertise on computational tools

IPS Virtual Paint – Spray: Flyer


IPS Virtual Paint – Spray: Product Presentation