Feb 212020
IPS Cable Simulation for the engine hose

Date: 04 March – 05 March, 2020 | Time: 13:00 – 12 noon | Venue: Kaiserslautern, Germany

Getting insights of our cables, wiring harness, and tubing solutions via IPS Cable Simulation software.

The new industrial revolution has been strongly influencing the development of modern vehicles. Optimized cable harnesses are required, so that the energy supply, sensor technology, and microprocessors can efficiently operate. Therefore, in modern vehicles there are more than 4 kilometers of flexible components such as electrical wires and hoses. Thanks to complexity of modern systems, the correct length, required design spaces, and layout of electrical wires are very important tasks. These are the actual challenges that design engineers are nowadays facing.

Do motions damage the cables? Do the cables fit in available spaces through your process of design, assembly and maintenance? With cutting-edge advanced technologies, IPS Cable Simulation will provide you answers to all of these questions in real-time.

In this basic seminar, you will be introduced to fundamental functions of IPS Cable Simulation software. Besides that, you will have an opportunity to real experience the software via application examples.

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Ms. Thuy Ngo | Mr. Daniel Dengel

E-mail: fx.events@flexstructures.de

Phone: +49 631 680 39 360

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