We offer basic and expert training courses for IPS Cable Simulation on a regular basis. Basic training courses are held in one day and focus on the essentials of the IPS Cable Simulation Software. The participants will deal with typical application examples included in the training material.

The expert trainings can be individualized and adapted to the customer’s needs. Depending on the customer’s experience with IPS, this training can also include one day of basic training. On the second day individual customer problems can be treated, if customer data is provided and shared with us for preparation upfront. In the sessions, the problems and tasks will be solved interactively with the trainers to provide an immediate start of work. An expert training session also presents a good occasion for our long-term customers to get to know new features and special functionalities of the software.

For both training courses, the number of participants is limited to 8 to guarantee good training results. Otherwise a split in 2 sessions is recommended.

Please contact us to receive more information about our training possibilities and to make an appointment.