Our main aim is to guarantee our customer’s satisfaction. We therefore offer the following services in addition to our software.

Customer-oriented projects with IPS Cable Simulation


Your wiring harness suffers from premature wear or your hydraulic hose can not be installed? Contact us! We would like to advise you and solve your problem for you. We will analyse your case, offer an error diagnosis and find an optimized solution.

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Measurement of material properties of flexible elements

definition of material parameters

If you are interested in the appliance of IPS Cable Simulation to your specific case without knowing the exact material properties of your wire or hose, please contact us. We will measure your flexible element and determine the material properties needed for the simulation.

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We carry out trainings for the appliance of IPS Cable Simulation and IPS Virtual Paint on a regular basis. In addition to that we offer specific expert trainings for the design of wiring systems and the design of hydraulic hoses with IPS Cable Simulation.

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